Dhvanidīpikā - Rig Veda Commentary by Dr. Ranganji

Blessing Words of Great Souls Regarding Dhvanidīpikā
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Mandala 1
Suktas 191

Rishis: Maducchanda And Others.

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Mandala 2
Suktas 42

Rishis: Gritsamada And His Family

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Mandala 3
Suktas 62

Rishis: Vishvamitra And His Family

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Mandala 4
Suktas 58

Rishis: Vamadeva And His Family

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Mandala 5
Suktas 87

Rishis: Atri And His Family

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Mandala 6
Suktas 75

Rishis: Bharadvaja And His Family

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Mandala 7
Suktas 104

Rishis: Vashistha And His Family

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Mandala 8
Suktas 103

Rishis: Angira And Their Family

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Mandala 9
Suktas 114

Rishis: Soma Devata

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Mandala 10
Suktas 191

Rishis: Vimada, Indra, Shachi

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About Dr.Ranganji

Dr. R.Rangan was awarded Yoga-vidya-varidhi (a doctoral degree in Yoga from SVYASA, Bangalore). He also has a master’s degree of management from SIMS, Pune. He is a master of Vedas, Vedic Sanskrit, Upanishads and epics. He delivers discourses on the scriptures like Vedas, Ramayana, Mahabharata, Gita, Upanishads and Yoga sutra in various places of India and abroad. He is the founder president of Web of Life Makers which conducts around hundred Ramayana study circles throughout India and abroad and which runs Shruti Rama Gurukulam and Sita Lakshmi Gurukulam in Bengaluru. He authored ‘What is Dharma?’ and ‘Darshan’ in English and ‘Maraiyin Marai porul’ and ‘Thozhil Dharmam’ in Tamil. All these books are about Dharma, Veda and Ramayana. His magnum opus is the ten volumed book, “The Ramayana of Valmiki” which contains original epic with translation in English and also with several articles dealing with the comparative study of several readings and re-writings of the epic. His other magnum opus is “Dhvani Dipika”, a commentary of Rig Veda in Sanskrit which has cognitive, psychological and spiritual interpretations of Rig Veda. It is named as Dhvani Dipika because it throws light on the tone of the Veda which is spiritual in essence.